The Oxygen system can be specified with a wide range of Jaga wall-mounted heating solutions.Oxygen systems can be linked to a building management system, centrally controlled in a stand-alone system, or even controlled simply through a panel on the radiator. Click here to find out more about the use of the Oxygen system in schools.



Intelligent, healthy energy-efficient IAQ control

Jaga Oxygen is an energy-efficient, intelligent and fully programmable heating and ventilation solution which creates a fresh, healthy and comfortable indoor climate in buildings of any age or type.

Particularly suited  for rooms with high occupancy such as classrooms, offices and care homes, Oxygen delivers clean, healthy, fresh air on demand and in a highly energy efficient way.

In schools, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has long been an issue and has been proven to have a detrimental effect on educational performance. Similarly in an office environment, good indoor climate is essential for productivity and to reduce sickness and absenteeism.  In care homes the need is even more acute as poor IAQ, due to excess CO2, is a real threat to healthy living and occupants’ comfort.


How Does it Work?

The Oxygen system works by monitoring and measuring the air quality and cutting in automatically when required to ensure that an adequate supply of fresh, clean outside is introduced into the room - and contaminated, stale air is removed.

As the Oxygen’s intelligent demand controlled heating and ventilation only vents fresh air when required it is 23% more efficient than natural ventilation and eliminates the drawbacks of draughts, stuffiness and security risks. During the hot summer months Oxygen’s boost function can be used to deliver effective secure night-time cooling.